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Why Successful Entrepreneurs Don’t Waite For An Economic Recovery!

4 Mar

small-business-owners 3

The first thing entrepreneurs do differently is not to wait for the recovery surge! An economic down turn is a great gift to anyone who is looking for opportunities because it has a way of weeding out the fluff and defining our greatest needs. As it happens these needs tend to be basic and ongoing even in a strong economy. For the wise entrepreneur they take advantage of the moment and establish themselves in meeting the greatest need for the greatest amount of people. Not only does this build a customer base, it also builds brand loyalty. Think about it for a moment, who would you be the most loyal to? Someone who met your need only when times were good or someone who was there for you through the dark times as well?

I encourage you to give careful thought to these business success principles, especially if your business has been struggling a bit.

1. Ask yourself what are the greatest needs of my customers?
2. How can I meet that need better than anyone else is doing so far?
3. How can I serve the greatest number of people?
4 How will my product or service bring increase and benefit to the lives of my customers?
5. How can I do this right now?

One final thought, if you are always looking after the best interest of your customer or client you can rest assured that financial success will follow. It is when businesses get greedy and self-centric that puts them on the road to financial ruin. If you want to take full advantage of the recovery, start now! Don’t wait until it gets here in full strength!

If you are going to introduce a new product or service make sure you have a high demand market that is not adequately being met by others in your industry.

Identifying a potentially successful market niche begins with determining the emotional motivation of your customers or clients. Ask the following questions to clarify your niche market ideas and identify the ones that will be worth your time and effort to pursue. This simple test can save a tremendous amount of time and money. Here is how to get started.

Ask yourself the four questions below when considering a niche market. If you get four yes’s then you have a good niche marketing idea and you should test it. If you don’t get all four yes’s then you need to fine tune your idea until you do. Use this test each time you are considering launching a new product or service and you will dramatically increase your chances of success.

1. Is my customer or client experiencing an urgent need, worry, pain, or strong desire?

2. Is my customer or client current searching for solutions to their most urgent need or problem?

3. Does my customer or client have few if any recognized options or solutions to their current problem or urgent need?

4. Is there a large group of people (1 in 500) who are currently looking for a solution right now?

If you have been able to conclusively answer these questions the chances are you have a good idea with a viable market and an opportunity to grow a successful business.

I hope this has given you a little guidance and I have a gift for you to help you grow your customer base even more! I have released a Free videos series with tons of step-by-step guidance to help you really jump-start your business this year and grow your customer base. The entire series will be delivered right to your inbox and it is absolutely FREE as my gift to you! You can also leave your comments or questions just under each video. I love hearing from you so keep the comments and questions coming, it helps me know what questions you would like answered next! Good luck! Here is the link:




5 Signs You Have What It Takes To Be A Successful Entrepreneur!

21 Jan


Starting your own business can be a life changing experience, but how do you know if you have what it takes to go the distance and build a successful company? Yes, you need passion, determination, persistence, and the ability to bounce back from the unexpected that would give the Michelin Man pause. However, there are some subtle personality qualities that nearly all successful entrepreneurs share and if you have or are thinking of starting your own business it might be a good idea to see if you are a part of this selective group. So let’s take a look at 5 of the most common traits of successful entrepreneurs.

1. You are always looking for what’s next.
When most people reach a goal they think, “I did it! Time to sit back and enjoy it for a while.” An entrepreneur thinks, “Great, what’s next?” A dear friend of mine is mega author Debbie Macomber. When she first started out she wrote one book that turned into a series, which turned into several, that turned into a hit movie made for television, which turned into her own television series. Debbie has taken the opportunity to build a few of the storybook businesses that are the backdrop for her books into actual businesses that her corporation owns in the little town where she lives and she has plans for even more enterprises. Entrepreneurs like Debbie Macomber don’t stop with one big achievement. They’re always looking forward to their next challenge.
2. You have control issues.
It has taken me awhile, but many years ago I made a conscious choice to strike a balance between closely monitoring the inner workings of my business and letting the talented people who work for me, do what they do best. It turns out I am not alone. It seems quite a few of my friends who are also business owners have been confronted with the same challenge. It is important to be fully aware of what is going on within your company. However, most control issues are based in some sort of fear, and fear can be a death sentence to most businesses. Hovering over every aspect of your business can become detrimental to getting things done and impede creativity and innovation from your staff. It can also stress out employees, who have been brought on precisely so you don’t have to make each and every decision. If you fall into this category it may give you some comfort to know that both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have been described at one time or another as control freaks.

3. You are fiercely determined!
As an entrepreneur, you’ve got to love hard work, long hours, and be willing to take a lot of risk. Understanding that 75 percent of new businesses fail, only an entrepreneur who is unbelievably determined will knowingly and eagerly face those kind of odds. In the beginning you will struggle financially and work unbelievably long hours. You might even feel a bit lonely, because while everyone else is out enjoying their evenings and weekends, you will be toiling away, usually on your own determined to overcome your next hurdle and reach your next goal.

4. You started early.
Generally speaking entrepreneurs show an innovative interest in making money at a young age. As a youngster I pestered my parents to allow me to work in berry fields, caring for children, even as a life guard at a local community pool so I could have money of my own. Like many entrepreneurs, as time went on I became less driven about the money and more driven by freedom, independence, opportunity for unbridled creativity, and the ability to operate my own company at a higher level of integrity than the business owners I had worked for. Eventually, my driving force became focused on how I could offer the best quality products and services in my industry to my customers.

5. You don’t fit the mold.
Many entrepreneurs describe themselves as not fitting in with the crowd. While it’s not always easy to be the outsider, thanks to notable entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates, Arianna Huffington, Sir Richard Branson, Sheryl Sandberg, and Coco Chanel, we now generally recognize that the ability to see things from a different point view from the rest of the world is an attribute that can help move society forward and drive innovation. None of these individuals would strike you as socially comfortable. In fact, nearly all of then identify themselves as introverts. It is this quality that tends to make them better listeners, a key asset in leadership and a successful business.

If you identify with any of these classical characteristics chances are you may be a natural entrepreneur. Share your story and which attribute you most closely identify with. Then tell us about your business and remember to include a link to your website.

​5 Things You Need To Do To Successfully Start and Grow Your Business

14 Jan


women winemakers 1.jpg

Some entrepreneurs can sometimes be afraid of failure especially if they are first time business owners.  What they may not realize is that failure does not have to mean the end of your business, but rather it is simply a teaching tool to help you coarse correct back onto the path of success.


That being said, there are some things that you can do to keep you on that path longer and ensure the successful start and quicker growth of your business.  I have put together five of the most essential for you here, but if you need more help please feel free to visit my website www.AlexzandraD.com where you will find information and opportunities to access all the tools and solutions for your business needs right at your finger tips.


Write A Business Plan  businessplan.jpg

Nearly all reputable business advisors will advocate you create a business plan and I would be willing to bet that any successful business you could think of has created one.  If you have never written one before, it can be a little daunting and overwhelming, but it does not need to be.  Think of a business plan as simply your road map to success.  In your mind think of what your ultimate successful business would look like in as much detail as possible.  Now reverse engineer that vision from there to where you are now.  That is your business plan.  Remember, that you business plan has an expiration date of 6 months so you will need to update it at least twice a year.  Here are a few things you will want to include;


  1. Who you and your business are.
  2. How is  your business structured and who are the key players?
  3. Who is your target customer and what is their most urgent need?
  4. What products or services do you provide and what problems do you solve for your customer?
  5. How do you make your customers and potential customers aware that you have the products or services to solve their most urgent need?
  6. How do you deliver or fulfill those products or services?
  7. What does it cost to do what you do and, what and when are your projected profits?
  8. Who else in your industry does what you do and how are you the same or different from them?


legal-structures.jpgYour Business Structure

I am not a lawyer and if you do not already have a business lawyer, I strongly urge you to get one.  How you structure your business will have an impact on your business both legally and how you pay your taxes.  You need to make sure that both your personal and business assets are protected, and that you are not under or over paying your taxes.  Each business is different and your needs in this area can change from year to year as state and federal laws change.  To help keep you on track and protected well before problems arise make sure you are giving your business a detailed once-over by trained eyes of a reputable attorney and CPA.


Business Licenses and Permits  BL.jpg

Nothing will cause you more headache and close your business faster than not having the right business licenses and permits for your particular type of business.  These days it is fairly easy to do online.  Just go to your state or cities website and you can usually file for all your licenses and permits using just your debit card.  They are usually sent to you in the mail.  If you have a traditional brick and mortar business be sure that you post them where they are clearly visible.


Ensuring-Compliance-Around-Independent-Contractors_350x300.jpgEmployees or Private Contractors

If you hire employees you will need a different business structure, business license, and it will impact how you are taxed.  The main difference between the two is that when you have employees you shoulder more of the tax responsibilities while private contractors will carry more of the burden themselves.  There are pros and cons to each way of engaging people to work for you  and this is defiantly when you need to consult both your business attorney and your CPA before you hire anyone.


Business Contracts timthumb.php.jpg

Particularly if you provide a service to your customer, it is vital that you have a customer contract.  You customer needs to see in black and white what they can and can not expect from you and your business, how payment is expected to be paid, your refund policy, any disclaimers you may have, your privacy and confidentiality policy.  When everything is clearly spelled out it makes for a much happier customer relationship and protects your business.  Once again this is when you will need the help or a skilled business attorney.


Post a link to your business website below and tell me about which one of these five businesses essentials has had the biggest impact or played the biggest role in your business success below.  Have a business question?  I would love to hear that too!



Your Key To Business Success!

17 Dec

Female Florist Small Business Flower Shop Owner

One of the biggest frustrations business owners of any size company often have is not generating the amount of sales they would like. The level of anxiety this lack of revenue causes can range from mildly worrisome to debilitating fear. Often business owner’s line of thinking is, if only they could generate more sales then all their financial worries would be over.

Icon 50Bills could be paid, employees could be hired, new equipment purchased, growth and expansion plans could move forward, goals would be reached, and personal financial concerns would be over. The fear and worry of having to let staff go or even worse, closing their business, would be a thing of the distant past.

Icon 52It’s the fear of this kind of failure that moves entrepreneurs to find a way, look for that one elusive key that will change everything and turn their business around. What is it that will make their business a success? What is the secret that will finally put an end to their continual financial worry? What is it that will once and for all, get them out there and get their business noticed?

Icon 55The answer, it starts with conveying the feeling of growth and progress in every action you take in your business. You want your customers to understand that your business is continually expanding and becoming more successful. Success breeds success and you want to let your customers know that as you grow and progress so will they. Your success will result in their success if they do business with you.

Icon 54Your customers often share the same worries and concerns in their personal lives that you and I have experienced in our daily business activities. If you can remember this and create products or services that will resolve their issues, worries, concerns, provide simple solutions to their most pressing problems, and improve their overall daily experience you will have a loyal customer.

Icon 56So how do you do this? How do you revolutionize the way you do business? It starts from within you. It begins in the way you think not only about your business, but also about how you live in general. It is about the way you live your daily life, how you conduct your daily activities and personal actions. This includes your time away from your business.

hand and plant 1Even when you meet someone socially, completely outside a business context, with absolutely no thought of trying to create a deal or sell them anything, it is vital that you leave them feeling they are better off in having known you. Leave them with the feeling of personal increase and success.

Icon 53You can do this by holding within you the unshakeable conviction you yourself, are on a path of growth and success. Let your internal faith that you are constantly becoming more, inspire you to fill your thoughts, focus your intent, and be the motivation behind every action you take.

Icon 57Each day, do everything that day with the absolute certainty that you and your business are continually growing, expanding, and becoming more successful. Every action you take, every business decision you make, must be made to provoke and accommodate growth and success. In other words, do the things, take the actions, and make the decisions that will move you towards your goals. This must be your business lifestyle. It should also be the way you treat and engage your customers. You become a successful business owner by helping your customer become successful.

big-plans-for-small-businessesLook inside your soul and feel with full confidence and absolute certainty that you are becoming wealthier. And, as you are becoming wealthier you are causing others to also become wealthier and more successful. This could be everything from providing your customers with your products and services they need to get a job or even a promotion, to expanding your business and providing a job for someone within your own company. It could be to become a patron to your favorite charitable organization. It could be something as simple as providing your customer with just the product or service they needed to solve their problem and making them feel so valued that it turns their whole day around.

business-woman-in-officeYou do not need to brag about your success. Not only is it unseemly, it damages your brand and ultimately your credibility. Just feel deep within you and with resolute certainty that you and your company are continuously growing and becoming even more successful. Let this inner certainty guide your outer actions, and daily transactions with your customers towards success for all. Let each action you take, the tone in your voice, and the expression on your face, convey your inner peace and absolute assurance that your stresses and strains of financial worry are no longer a part of your daily business activities.

Have a comment or question about this week’s post? Let me hear from you! Post your own success stories or ask a question about how to move your own business forward to success! I love hearing from you and read every post personally!

What are the best ways to successfully grow my business?

10 Dec


 Probably the number one question I receive is “How do I get more customers?”  Without a strong customer flow as a business owner you also don’t have a strong cash flow and that can cause anxiety and stress on a number of levels.  But what if you could turn that around starting today?  I bet that would make you feel reinvigorated wouldn’t it?  You would enjoy your business more because you were actively growing it.  To help you do that I have put together some simple step you can use right away to help you build your customer base no matter what type of business you are in.  So let’s get started.
  80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers. This is simply fact for almost all businesses. This means you need to make it a priority to find out which one in five of your customers are those who keep coming back for more of what you have to offer and then make every effort to keep them happy and buying.
   Focus on long-term customers.  Repeat customers are the holy grail of sales. They advertise your business for free to their friends, they help you forecast, they save you marketing money, and most importantly, they buy your product or service.
   Repeat customers cost less than new ones.  Studies show that it’s less expensive to bring existing customers back than to attract new ones. It makes sense, considering the expense of advertising, marketing, media, and other tools necessary to lure new customers.
Repeat customers are walking billboards.  If a customer comes back to your business, chances are pretty good that he liked what he saw the first time around. And, from there, chances are they’re going to spread the word which is free publicity for you. To build repeat customers, be consistent. On the surface, a solid base of repeat customers might seem little more than a matter of providing excellent service or products. While there is truth to statement, your quality of service must be consistent to keep them coming back.
   Hire the right people. Since your employees are on the front lines, their demeanor and interaction with clients can cement relationships that bring customers back to your business. Individuals who are positive, friendly, and really care about doing a great job is the first step. Anyone who is going to interact with customers—from the receptionist through to the collections department—has to understand the importance of creating a positive interaction with the customer.
   Keep it personal. By definition, a repeat customer is someone you get to know. Nurture that by keeping your relationship as personal as possible. For instance, get to know customers by name. Connecting on a personal level with customers is one of the best competitive advantages there is. Everyone loves it when they go into your place of business and you remember their name and their favorite item or service.
  Stay in contact. Encourage repeat business by staying in touch with your customers through a blog, newsletter, or some other vehicle that affords ongoing communication. A handwritten thank-you to customers with orders over a certain amount that includes a discount on their next purchase is a spectacular touch in today’s world of all things digital.
  What is your favorite tip for growing your customer base and your business?

What You Need To Know Right Now To Get Your Business Moving!

3 Dec


Did you know that 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers?  This is simply fact for almost all businesses.  This means you need to make it a priority to find out which one in five of your customers are those who keep coming back for more of what you have to offer and then make every effort to keep them happy and buying.  There are several very effective ways of doing this and it is up to you to choose the one that works best for you and your business, but let me give you a couple of suggestions to get you started thinking.


One of the least expensive ways I know of as of this writing is using Social Media.  You can quickly set up a page on the site you think the majority of your customers will also be using and then engage them in “conversation” by asking questions such as “What is your favorite product?”  “What new product or service would you like to see in our (place of business)?”  “What is your least favorite product or service and why?”  “Have you or would you invite your friends to our (place of business)?”  Can you see how valuable this type of information would be to making sure that you are on target and meeting your customer’s needs?  This could quickly answer the question of why you have not been seeing the growth in your customer base and your bottom line that you have been looking for.  The anxiety and stress that you have been feeling could begin to be eliminated just by having a clear understanding of what your customers like and don’t like, of what is working and what is not.


Cultivate that special relationship with the 20% of your customer base by giving them a voice and an opportunity to connect with you in addition to your place of business.  As an example, I used my social media page to ask my fans and readers (that would be you) what was the one thing that they felt was holding them back from reaching their business goals.  Over the next few days I looked over the responses and found that the one thing that almost everyone wanted was to know how to get more customers into their place of business and that set the wheels in motion for me to write this book to help you do just that.


So your next step should be to set up a business page using the social media platform that best suites your business.  If you don’t know which one that would be, ask your customers.  Find out where they spend most of their social media time and then put up a page.  It usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes.


Once you have your page up or if you already have a business page begin to engage your customer base in conversation and ask questions.  Be prepared to take that information good or bad, and make the adjustments that will help you grow your customer base.  And by all means, make sure you let your customers know that you heard what they had to say and that you now have available what they needed or wanted.


Can you see by making this first step how it would positively impact your business and your bottom-line?  Would it increase in your customer base and ultimately your sales?  How would more customers and ultimately more sales, reduce the stress levels and worry that you have been experiencing lately and positively impact those closest to you?  Please leave your comments and questions below.  I look forward to reading each one! For more even help you can also get my FREE video series on “How To Get More Customer and Grow Your Business”.  Just go to: www.AlexzandraD.com


Feeling Overwhelmed By Social Media? Here’s How To Take Back Control And Still Be Effective!

22 Oct



Trying to keep up with social media can be an overwhelming endeavor and it’s easy for a small business owner to feel spread too thin. So how do you determine which social network is the right choice for your business and how do you integrate it with your email marketing efforts to grow your list and optimize conversions?

I was asked to share my own strategy for creating a powerful social media presence with actionable tips for entrepreneurs just like you and how I use Social Media in conjunction with AWeber to grow my own customer base.

I started writing articles about the key steps to starting and growing your own business.  As my audience grew I started capturing email addresses with AWeber by offering other free services such as key interest video series and my site started to grow and grow.

 At what point do you integrate social media with email?Social Media and Email.jpg

 As soon as I started my website and blog, I set up an AWeber email subscription box in the sidebar, created a subscription page, a Facebook page and Twitter account.  At first I did not set up a Pinterest page because it was better suited for a product or service that is more visual.  However, as my audience of business owners grew and the bulk of them were women entrepreneurs, creating a Pinterest page seemed like a good move since the bulk of Pinterest users are also women.

customers base.jpgNow this is where it get interesting.  I received very little response from my Pinterest page and the reason why is going to be key in your own email and social media strategy.  Ready?  My audience wasn’t on Pinterest, they were on LinkedIn.  Most women that are serious about owning and growing their own business are also going to be serious about their social media and that is where getting to Know Your Customer Base is so important.

  My customer base was not all women, it was women entrepreneurs who were well educated, usually mothers of school aged children, many had left corporate America in search of something more fulfilling, and the majority where in the age range of 30 – 55 years of age. These women were educated, accomplished, ambitious, and of a serious mind which made LinkedIn their social media of choice…..and mine.  By the way, I also use Facebook and Google+.

When is the best time and day to post social media?best-time-to-tweet.png

So the next question usually is about Content and Posting. Most small business owners do not have virtual assistants to manage their social media for them and if you are like me you are a do-it-yourself-er anyway, which makes it is easy to get overwhelmed.  So here are a few of my own trade secrets when it comes to social media for my business.

I have found that the key times for my audience is early in the morning and later in the afternoon.  I have split up my time this way to be the most effective and offer the most value and benefit to my audience.

  1. I set my posts to go live at 6:00 am (EST) and I answer comments and questions each day in the late afternoon.
  2. I post a brief description of this week’s blog post with a direct link to my blog page on Wednesday mornings when most social outlets are the most active.
  3. I use the Facebook schedule feature on my Fan Page to post info-graphics and photo’s the rest of the week that also include my website address.
  4. I enjoy the interaction with my fans in the afternoon and for me it is easy to get carried away and spend way too time, so I developed a little trick that works well for me.  When I sit down at my computer in the afternoon I set a timer for one hour.  That one hour is for all my social media outlets.  When the hour is done so am I and I move on to the things that will generate income to my business and value to my customer base.

growing_social_media.jpgWhat is the most effective method for growing your following?

As my traffic and email list grows, my social media lists continue to grow organically and consistently. You can experiment paying for posts or page boots, but I really haven’t heard that it is beneficial in generating real results. My goal is to invite my fans to my email list through AWeber on my website so I can keep in touch with them directly.

How do you keep your social media followers engaged?Contests and Sweepstakes 1.JPG Do you host any social media-centric giveaways or contests to get users more engaged and grow your following?

You can do about one giveaway a month, and always make sure it’s lucrative – at least $250, up to $500. I like Rafflecopter, which has entrants follow my social media channels as one of the entries (Check out AWeber + Rafflecopter integration). Sharing one of my blog posts could amount to five entries.  You could definitely use this to grow your own social media networks and email lists.  In your giveaway blog or social media post, you can put an AWeber subscription box under the contest entry, so you can give people two entries if they submit their name and email.


Do you use analytic  tools to measure social media driven traffic and sales to your website?

I use Google Analytics to track where traffic comes from so I can see when it’s coming from certain sites. My number one source of traffic is from Google search, LinkedIn is second, and Facebook is a very close third.


Next week we are going to take this even deeper and I will walk you through My Best Secrets To How Your Small Biz Can Grow Your Email List! Until then please share your own experiences or insights that have gotten you your best results.  Have a question?  Feel free to post it below and I will answer it just as quickly as I can.