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5 Simple Steps to Turn Your Business Into a Success!

25 Mar

Business Owner 7

One of the absolute essentials for building a successful business from scratch and then continuing to grow it year after year is doing just one thing and doing it incredibly well, and that is building your repeat customer base. If more of your current customers continue to come back for more of your products and services it won’t be long until they draw more first time customers who can then become repeat buyers and then generate more sales and revenue for your business. So how do you do that and where do you begin? I have created a simple five step outline that you can use starting today, no matter what type of business you in, where you are located, or what your products or services are. And, if you are just getting started setting up your business you will want to use this as your Customer Experience road-map. So here we go;

Step 1: Provide a Memorable Customer Experience
• Create an amazing entrance to your business no matter if it is your home-page or front entrance to your traditional brick and mortar
• Be Polite and use your best manners. No first names unless invited by the customer
• Treat each customer as your most important
• Pay attention to the details of your customers experience
• Learn about your customers so you can personalize their experience such as using their name.
• Take a tip from Disney and look for ways to create a moment and a memory
• Make sure your customer’s know how much you appreciate them.
• Look for opportunities to surprise and delight. Notice, and when appropriate act on, even the tiniest scraps of information they observe or discover about a guest that will enhance their experience
Step 2: Exceed Customer Expectation
• Nothing impresses a customer more than an employee who goes, “above and beyond the call of duty” to ensure total customer satisfaction
• Show that you care about them personally
• If you can’t meet your customers’ needs and expectations, then offer options for other sources, even if it is a competitor
• When offering options to your customer, you will also need to give them the information that will help them to make the best decision for their situation. Most customers prefer just two or three options.
Step 3: Create a Company Wide Standard of Excellence
• Every aspect of your business should be driven by a focus on your customer
• What so my customers need and how can I best provide it?
• Have a written plan for ensuring excellence in customer service
• Create clearly defined company-wide service standards that are measurable
• As the owner or boss, you need to walk your talk consistently and lead your staff by example

Step 4: Keep In Touch After the Sale
• Offer opportunities for customer feedback
• A telephone call or a hand written letter sent in a timely fashion after a sale shows the customer that your business cares about their experience
• Ask open ended questions in order to give your customer opportunities to express perceptions, attitudes, both positive and negative about your business and its quality of service
• Follow-up and customer feedback will enable your business to emphasize those things that are most important and most critical to your customers.

Step 5: Deal effectively with the difficult customers

• All employees should be trained and experienced in handling difficult customers
• Listen first, then speak.
• Use the mirror technique reflect back to the customer what he or she is saying to you in a way that the customer knows that you are listening and feels that you care.
• Show empathy, looking directly at the customer while you are listening
• Be unwilling to stop until it is right.
• Difficult customers can be an asset for excellence because valuable information is likely to come out in the frustration of the moment that otherwise might be kept private

I hope this was helpful to you and that you will begin to implement these five steps into your own business starting today. If you would like more in depth help in just how to use these five steps I have created a FREE VIDEO SERIES shows you with real-life examples from different types of business owners how they implemented them into their own business and the amazing results they achieved and you can to starting today. Wouldn’t it be great to see your sales begin to grow week after week? Here is the link to your FREE VIDEO SERIES.

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6 Simple Steps To Keep Your Customers Coming Back and Buying More!

18 Mar

Customers have come to expect good products and service. What blows them away is when companies go beyond the line of duty, giving customers more than they expect.  Unexpected gestures are what turn a run-of-the-mill experience into one we’ll remember. Your employees have an important role to play in wowing customers by going beyond the call of duty.  Small actions can not only transform an experience into a memorable one, but also change the perception of an organization in customers’ eyes. It can make the difference between a one-time transaction and a continuous business relationship. Moreover, it can turn customers into advocates and promoters.

Step 1: Turn Every Transaction Into A Wonderful Experience
• Express genuine interest
• Offer sincere and specific compliments
• Share unique knowledge
• Convey authentic enthusiasm
• Use appropriate humor
• Provide pleasant surprises
• Deliver service heroics when needed

Step 2: Follow-up With Thank-You’s and New Product/Service Intro’s
• Personalize it.
• Thank them
• Help them relive the experience
• Ask for feedback
• Invite them back
• Promote social sharing

Step 3: Host A Special Event For Your Best Customers
• Build Brand Awareness
• Generate New Customers
• Build Long Term Relationships With Current Customers
• Introduce Your New Products and Services
• Do Something Unexpected or Innovative

Step 4: Create Personal Relationship With Your Customers
• Communication is a contact sport, so do it early and often
• Reward loyal customers
• Go the extra mile
• Treat every client as your most important one
• Respond promptly

Step 5: Create Ways To Anticipate Your Customers Needs
• Get to know the customers
• Ask the right questions
• Customers appreciate alerts to products and services that can make their lives easier
• Anticipate potential problems and offer solutions beforehand
• Customer needs should be the driving focus of your company

Step 6: Offer Free Samples That Are Relevant To Your Customers Current Needs
• Spreads the word about your products and services
• Shows your generosity and helps to create brand loyalty
• Let’s your customers fall in love with what you have to offer
• Great opportunity to get customer feedback and make sure you are offering what they are looking for
• Reward your customers to spend a little more by offering free samples when they spend above a certain threshold

Being a successful business owner comes down to just a few things and doing them incredibly well. One of which, is continually building your repeat customer base. This is the Holy Grail when it comes to owning your own business and generating the kind of income that will keep you in business over the long term, as well as take care of you and your family.
If you would like more help understanding just how to implement these six steps into your own business, I have created a FREE video series that walks you through step-by-step and then gives you real-life examples of business owners just like you who have successfully done it so you can see how they would work in your own company. Here is the link:


I love reading your comments and I do my best to answer as many questions as I can so please feel free to leave yours in the comment section below!

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5 Ways To Attract and Keep More Customers

11 Mar


One of the biggest challenges to most businesses no matter what type of business you have, traditional brick and mortar or online, the need to attract more customers is universal. If your sales are slow and your business is not seeing the rate of growth you would like it may be because you need more traffic to your place of business and website. So, how do you do that? How do you create more interest in your business, products, and consistently generate the kind of growth year after year that you would like?

I have a lot of information for you here so I have boiled it down into nuggets. If you would like more help I also have a free video series that covers everything here in depth and I will tell more about that in just a bit, but first let’s get started.

Step 1: Identify your target customer
• Create an ideal customer profile.
 Name:
 Gender:
 Age:
 Appearance: (What do they wear? E.g. Suite/tie, medical scrubs, tee shirt/jeans, etc.)
 Current Occupation:
 Marital Status/Children:
 Common Trait or Group Identifier: (Shared experience, situation, circumstance, etc.)

Step 2: Identify their most urgent need
• Offer customer feedback opportunities.
• Join relevant social media groups.
• Read or listen to news reports regarding your area of business.
• Provide customer follow-up.
• Ask customer at time of sale.

Step 3: Make sure you are offering the products and services your customers want to buy and not just the ones you want to sell.
• What is your best selling product or service and who is buying it?
• What are they using it for and how can you provide additional products or services that will help them even more?
• What other similar individuals, groups, or businesses could you also provide these types of products or services for?

Step 4: Emotionally engage and connect with customers
• Provide opportunities for customer feedback.
• Understand the needs, perceptions and expectations of its customers at an individual level.
• Seek out opportunities to create emotional connections with Guests whenever possible.
• Provide exceptional customer service.
• Make each transaction an interaction.

Step 5: Ask repeat customers to invite their friends to your place of business
• Host “Thank You” event for your customers and ask them to bring a friend.
• Participate in an event in your local community.
• Invite local media to cover event or offer a press release.
• Create synergistic partnerships with other business owners who share your customer base, but are not competitors.

I know this is a lot of information, but I hope this will help you to get started growing your customer base and developing your repeat customers. No matter what type of business you are in using these five key steps will get you results if you do them consistently and with excellence. If you have found this helpful and you would like more in depth help just click on the link below to enjoy a free video series that walks you through each of these steps and shows you how you can implement them into your own business. Here is your link:

If you have a business question that you would like help with or an area that you would like more information on please post it below in the comment section. I love hearing from you and I do my best to answer as quickly as I can.


Why Successful Entrepreneurs Don’t Waite For An Economic Recovery!

4 Mar

small-business-owners 3

The first thing entrepreneurs do differently is not to wait for the recovery surge! An economic down turn is a great gift to anyone who is looking for opportunities because it has a way of weeding out the fluff and defining our greatest needs. As it happens these needs tend to be basic and ongoing even in a strong economy. For the wise entrepreneur they take advantage of the moment and establish themselves in meeting the greatest need for the greatest amount of people. Not only does this build a customer base, it also builds brand loyalty. Think about it for a moment, who would you be the most loyal to? Someone who met your need only when times were good or someone who was there for you through the dark times as well?

I encourage you to give careful thought to these business success principles, especially if your business has been struggling a bit.

1. Ask yourself what are the greatest needs of my customers?
2. How can I meet that need better than anyone else is doing so far?
3. How can I serve the greatest number of people?
4 How will my product or service bring increase and benefit to the lives of my customers?
5. How can I do this right now?

One final thought, if you are always looking after the best interest of your customer or client you can rest assured that financial success will follow. It is when businesses get greedy and self-centric that puts them on the road to financial ruin. If you want to take full advantage of the recovery, start now! Don’t wait until it gets here in full strength!

If you are going to introduce a new product or service make sure you have a high demand market that is not adequately being met by others in your industry.

Identifying a potentially successful market niche begins with determining the emotional motivation of your customers or clients. Ask the following questions to clarify your niche market ideas and identify the ones that will be worth your time and effort to pursue. This simple test can save a tremendous amount of time and money. Here is how to get started.

Ask yourself the four questions below when considering a niche market. If you get four yes’s then you have a good niche marketing idea and you should test it. If you don’t get all four yes’s then you need to fine tune your idea until you do. Use this test each time you are considering launching a new product or service and you will dramatically increase your chances of success.

1. Is my customer or client experiencing an urgent need, worry, pain, or strong desire?

2. Is my customer or client current searching for solutions to their most urgent need or problem?

3. Does my customer or client have few if any recognized options or solutions to their current problem or urgent need?

4. Is there a large group of people (1 in 500) who are currently looking for a solution right now?

If you have been able to conclusively answer these questions the chances are you have a good idea with a viable market and an opportunity to grow a successful business.

I hope this has given you a little guidance and I have a gift for you to help you grow your customer base even more! I have released a Free videos series with tons of step-by-step guidance to help you really jump-start your business this year and grow your customer base. The entire series will be delivered right to your inbox and it is absolutely FREE as my gift to you! You can also leave your comments or questions just under each video. I love hearing from you so keep the comments and questions coming, it helps me know what questions you would like answered next! Good luck! Here is the link:




What To Do If Your Sales Are Slow!

11 Feb

African American owners of fish market

This week I received a lot of questions and I do mean a lot, about marketing, identifying your target market, and how to create your own marketing message.  So I decided to use this week’s blog post as a short course to help you get started. So here we go.

Your “Customer Base” is not the same as your “Target Market”. There is a world of difference and without having a clear understanding of just what that is and how to identify your “target market” you can’t expect to grow your business or perhaps even stay in business for very long. Your target market in not WHERE you sell your products and services, but rather WHO most urgently needs your products and services. It’s critical that you identify this information for the success of your business as quickly as possible.

Your “Marketing Message” should identify a FEATURE of your product or service and the ADVANTAGE and BENEFIT of owning and using your product or service. Let me explain it this way. State a selling feature of your product or service. Next state an advantage of that feature such as more power, ease of use, better function, etc. Now state the personal benefit your customer will enjoy when they own your product or service. You have just created your marketing message and your sales tool that will help your generate more profit and we all like that. Here is a little tip. A Feature is a type or quantity of something. It is also a logical or intellectual statement. So you want to see feature specifications spelled out clearly in black and white. Advantages and Benefits are a quality or condition of something, have an emotional value, and are best conveyed by the use of something visual such as a photo or physical display. Each product or service type should have its own “Marketing Message” as well as one over-all Marketing Message for your company.

If you have never had any experience identifying your target market or creating your marketing message before, I know that it can feel a little daunting, but I have the cure for that. I have a Marketing Message Creator that is super easy to use. Just fill in the blanks of the template with your business and product information and when you are done you have your very own marketing message that you can instantly use to on any products or services to help you generate more sales. The best part is that it is now available to you as part of my Small Business Toolkit and you can get yours now simply by clicking the link below.

If you have a different resource, that’s okay. It’s just important that you do it. There is a lot more to creating a successful marketing message than what I can convey here, but I hope this has helps to get you started. In the Marketing Message Creator that is included in the Small Business Toolkit I have already done most of the work for you so all you have to do is just fill in the blanks to a few questions and wha-la, you have identified your target market and created your first marketing message! These two things are worth their weight in gold as far as generating sales and growing your business. If you would like to start generating more sales this week just click on the link below now!


I love hearing from you so keep those comments and questions coming! I read them all and do my best to answer each and every one as quickly as I can. Enjoy!

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​5 Things You Need To Do To Successfully Start and Grow Your Business

14 Jan


women winemakers 1.jpg

Some entrepreneurs can sometimes be afraid of failure especially if they are first time business owners.  What they may not realize is that failure does not have to mean the end of your business, but rather it is simply a teaching tool to help you coarse correct back onto the path of success.


That being said, there are some things that you can do to keep you on that path longer and ensure the successful start and quicker growth of your business.  I have put together five of the most essential for you here, but if you need more help please feel free to visit my website www.AlexzandraD.com where you will find information and opportunities to access all the tools and solutions for your business needs right at your finger tips.


Write A Business Plan  businessplan.jpg

Nearly all reputable business advisors will advocate you create a business plan and I would be willing to bet that any successful business you could think of has created one.  If you have never written one before, it can be a little daunting and overwhelming, but it does not need to be.  Think of a business plan as simply your road map to success.  In your mind think of what your ultimate successful business would look like in as much detail as possible.  Now reverse engineer that vision from there to where you are now.  That is your business plan.  Remember, that you business plan has an expiration date of 6 months so you will need to update it at least twice a year.  Here are a few things you will want to include;


  1. Who you and your business are.
  2. How is  your business structured and who are the key players?
  3. Who is your target customer and what is their most urgent need?
  4. What products or services do you provide and what problems do you solve for your customer?
  5. How do you make your customers and potential customers aware that you have the products or services to solve their most urgent need?
  6. How do you deliver or fulfill those products or services?
  7. What does it cost to do what you do and, what and when are your projected profits?
  8. Who else in your industry does what you do and how are you the same or different from them?


legal-structures.jpgYour Business Structure

I am not a lawyer and if you do not already have a business lawyer, I strongly urge you to get one.  How you structure your business will have an impact on your business both legally and how you pay your taxes.  You need to make sure that both your personal and business assets are protected, and that you are not under or over paying your taxes.  Each business is different and your needs in this area can change from year to year as state and federal laws change.  To help keep you on track and protected well before problems arise make sure you are giving your business a detailed once-over by trained eyes of a reputable attorney and CPA.


Business Licenses and Permits  BL.jpg

Nothing will cause you more headache and close your business faster than not having the right business licenses and permits for your particular type of business.  These days it is fairly easy to do online.  Just go to your state or cities website and you can usually file for all your licenses and permits using just your debit card.  They are usually sent to you in the mail.  If you have a traditional brick and mortar business be sure that you post them where they are clearly visible.


Ensuring-Compliance-Around-Independent-Contractors_350x300.jpgEmployees or Private Contractors

If you hire employees you will need a different business structure, business license, and it will impact how you are taxed.  The main difference between the two is that when you have employees you shoulder more of the tax responsibilities while private contractors will carry more of the burden themselves.  There are pros and cons to each way of engaging people to work for you  and this is defiantly when you need to consult both your business attorney and your CPA before you hire anyone.


Business Contracts timthumb.php.jpg

Particularly if you provide a service to your customer, it is vital that you have a customer contract.  You customer needs to see in black and white what they can and can not expect from you and your business, how payment is expected to be paid, your refund policy, any disclaimers you may have, your privacy and confidentiality policy.  When everything is clearly spelled out it makes for a much happier customer relationship and protects your business.  Once again this is when you will need the help or a skilled business attorney.


Post a link to your business website below and tell me about which one of these five businesses essentials has had the biggest impact or played the biggest role in your business success below.  Have a business question?  I would love to hear that too!



How To Successfully Sell Your Products and Services!

1 Oct

Relax It's Only October

Converting visits to sales comes down to just a few things and if you make a point of doing them consistently at your personal highest level of excellence you will see the results in a higher close rate and stronger bottom line. So what are they?
Bakery Owners  First, make sure that what you are offering what your customers are actually looking for. In other words, are you selling what YOU like or are you selling what your customers want? If you are offering what your customers are actually looking for, converting those visits to sales is already in progress by the time they hit your website or your retail location if you are a brick and mortar. If you are not sure, the best way to find out is to ask them. It sounds simple enough, but you would be so surprised to find out how many retailers, online or otherwise, offer little or no way for their customer base to communicate with them. You need to take that a step further and YOU ask your customer base for their feedback, their wants and needs. If you are meeting your customers’ most urgent need with your personal highest level of excellence, customer service, and value that you can and continually looking for ways to do it even better, you are on the path to success.

Business Partners 1The second thing to pay very close attention to is your customer service. For an online business this can be your Achilles Heel because you are limited in how much you can directly interact with you customers. So this is where you have to get creative and find ways that are particular to your specific business to emotionally convey to your customers just how much you value them. The more you emphasize personalized customer service in your daily business practices the more successful you will become. Continually look for any opportunity to add a special touch or service throughout every stage of each business transaction.

Selling to Customers 1And finely, you need to know how to sell. If you don’t have the basic understanding of how to sell your products or services you won’t be in business for very long. Your “Marketing Message” should identify a FEATURE of your product or service and the ADVANTAGE and BENEFIT of owning and using your product or service. Let me explain it this way. State a selling feature of your product or service. Next state an advantage of that feature such as more power, ease of use, better function, etc. Now state the personal benefit your customer will enjoy when they own your product or service. You have just created your marketing message and your sales tool that will help your generate more profit and we all like that. Here is a little tip. A Feature is a type or quantity of something. It is also a logical or intellectual statement. So you want to see feature specifications spelled out clearly in black and white. Advantages and Benefits are a quality or condition of something, have an emotional value, and are best conveyed by the use of something visual such as a photo or physical display. Each product or service type should have its own “Marketing Message” as well as one over-all Marketing Message for your company.

Need More Help

If you feel like you need more help I have several tools for you to help you out. I have created the Small Business Toolkit that walks you through each of the three keys to success that we have talked about today and helps you put each one into action right away. For more in-depth information The Princeton Principle will give you a more comprehensive understanding of just what you need to reach your business goals and how to implement what you have learned. I also have a free video series that walks you through step-by-step exactly what how to get more customers, generate more sales, and successfully grow your business. For more personalized help, I offer one-on-one personal coaching, as you need it. I hope this has given you a bit of guidance. Please keep your questions and comments coming. Until next time, Enjoy!