Are You Ready for January 2020?

13 Oct


It’s coming. Many of us have been sensing it for months. Is it another recession? Is it a war, cyber, economic, or otherwise? Something is looming on the horizon and it is significant enough that many of us can feel it’s presence even now. Whatever it is, it is going to affect our global economy, how you and I do business on a day-to-day basis, and what we value.

So, what do we do? Is there anything we can do now to lessen the blow, shore-up our own business, and strengthen it for the long term? The answer is yes, and we can look to our recent past to get a good idea of what and how.

red aids ribbon in hand.

In the early 1980’s our world was confronted with the HIV Aid’s virus that has taken the precious lives of countless women, men, and children. It resulted in altering our behavior and how we conduct ourselves in our most personal relationships. We still fall in love. We still have intimate relationships with others, but we now take steps to protect ourselves and those we love from potential danger. We raised how we value honesty, integrity, and personal intimacy.

Twin Towers

September 11, 2001 the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City were attacked. The ultimate result was that we recognized extremisms of all types as a demented evil, not a religious sect. We still travel and do business in various locations, but now we take steps to protect ourselves and those we love from potential danger. We have raised our value of national courage, personal and collective resilience, honesty, integrity, and peaceful spirituality.

So, how do we use these experiences to prepare for the as yet, unknown? In both cases, there were similar responses and we can apply them starting this moment in how we operate our business and how we communicate with our customers. Regardless if our business is a brick and mortar, home-based, online, or any combination, we can alter our business model in every way possible to give our customers a clear understanding that they are safe to do business with us. Let me give you a few very practical areas.


Take A Step Away from AI and High Tech

In a world of hyper connectivity, we have never been more disconnected from each other. Regardless of what is coming, giving your customers opportunities to personally connect with you in real-time is invaluable. That also means you will need to step up your game in the customer service department, but that is a good idea anyway. If we are facing a cyber war attack, I would strongly recommend that you have hard copies of everything safely stored away.

The last Polar Bear

Environmentally Responsible

We may disagree on the cause, but I think we all can agree that something is happening with our planet and it is not good. Many major brands from around the world have repeated the economic rewards of increased revenue and customer loyalty from changing their business model, products and services to eco-friendly and animal cruelty free.


Fair Trade Relations

  Major fashion, beauty, and sports brands have been hit hard when their manufacturing horror stories where brought to light. Regardless of where you are in the world at this moment, if you can also identify local sources to you for at least part of your product and services, it could be a life saver to your business supplied and operating in time of crisis. It is also a great way to build your business locally.


What We Value

Whatever is coming mid-January, is going to impact our customers and how we do business significantly. Honesty and integrity must be what we do every day, not just what we say in our marketing. Our primary focus must not only to be profitable so that we can continue to grow and expand, but to empower our customers to resolve their most urgent need and to do so with our upmost integrity, honesty, and compassion. Let your customers know they are valued and protected when they do business with you.

Looking at your business model and making these changes now, will reflect integrity to your customer base. If you attempt to make these changes later, you may be perceived as an opportunist which will make your survival in an economic crisis that much harder.

If you have questions regarding your own business, please feel free to post them below or connect to send a private message. We are here to help. You can also find a vast array of help and guidance in your copy of Business Genesis.

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