7 Easy Steps To Creating A Great Offer

17 Jun
small business: happy owner of a stationery shop

7 Easy Steps To Creating A Great Offer

You have been working like crazy to build your business, doing all the right things, but you are still not generating the sales you need to make a comfortable living.  The reason may be that you haven’t yet perfected the art of a truly great offer.  It doesn’t matter if your business is online, home-based, or a traditional brick-n-mortar.  Creating a great offer will make all the difference and I am going to show you how using this simple framework and answering a few simple questions.

  1. What are they going to get?

What is it that your customers are going to get from you?  What is the product or service you are offering and most importantly, what will be your customer’s results or experience after buying and using it?  What problem will your product or service solve or urgent need will it meet and how will that make your customer’s life better?

  1. How are they going to get it?

How are they going to receive your product or service?  Are you going to ship it?  Do they come into your store?  Is it immediately downloadable? Do they need to make an appointment?

  1. What are they going to pay?

Simply put, what is the price for your products or services?

  1. How are they going to pay it?

What payment methods do you accept? Do you offer an optional 3 month easy-pay option?  Is it a monthly membership fee? Can they place their order on your website? Do you offer free shipping with in-store pick-up?

  1. Urgency and Scarcity.

Having a stated a limited product availability or time that your offer will be available creates a sense of urgency and helps motivate your customer to make their purchase.  You must follow through and end your offer as stated or it will critically damage your credibility and your customers trust in you.

  1. Risk reversal.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee? Is there a time limit? Do you cover return shipping?  Is there a product or service warranty?

  1. Bonuses!

Bonuses are another great way to create risk reversal.  You see, nearly every product or service generate the need for an additional product or service.  Sometimes they even create a new problem for your customer.  Bonuses are a wonderful way to resolve your customer’s hesitations to making a purchase by giving them an additional solution as your gift.  It shows that you have really been thinking about your customers experience with your product or service and you want to make sure it is a great one.

Speaking of bonuses, I would like to offer you one extra gem to close your offer with and that is this.  Paint a vivid picture of how your customer’s life will be after purchasing and using your product or service.  What results they will achieve and how it will benefit their daily life.  This is where you want to make your customer actually feel the results. Remember, the vast majority of decisions to buy are driven by emotion, not price.

I hope you have found this week’s post helpful and you use it in your own business.  If you need more help I have created a new video series that answers the questions I am asked the most frequently and I walk you through each solution with simple, easy to implement steps.  This is absolutely free as my gift to you and I hope you enjoy them.  Just click on the image below and enjoy!

SBA Campaign Offer 1

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