5 Simple Steps to Turn Your Business Into a Success!

25 Mar

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One of the absolute essentials for building a successful business from scratch and then continuing to grow it year after year is doing just one thing and doing it incredibly well, and that is building your repeat customer base. If more of your current customers continue to come back for more of your products and services it won’t be long until they draw more first time customers who can then become repeat buyers and then generate more sales and revenue for your business. So how do you do that and where do you begin? I have created a simple five step outline that you can use starting today, no matter what type of business you in, where you are located, or what your products or services are. And, if you are just getting started setting up your business you will want to use this as your Customer Experience road-map. So here we go;

Step 1: Provide a Memorable Customer Experience
• Create an amazing entrance to your business no matter if it is your home-page or front entrance to your traditional brick and mortar
• Be Polite and use your best manners. No first names unless invited by the customer
• Treat each customer as your most important
• Pay attention to the details of your customers experience
• Learn about your customers so you can personalize their experience such as using their name.
• Take a tip from Disney and look for ways to create a moment and a memory
• Make sure your customer’s know how much you appreciate them.
• Look for opportunities to surprise and delight. Notice, and when appropriate act on, even the tiniest scraps of information they observe or discover about a guest that will enhance their experience
Step 2: Exceed Customer Expectation
• Nothing impresses a customer more than an employee who goes, “above and beyond the call of duty” to ensure total customer satisfaction
• Show that you care about them personally
• If you can’t meet your customers’ needs and expectations, then offer options for other sources, even if it is a competitor
• When offering options to your customer, you will also need to give them the information that will help them to make the best decision for their situation. Most customers prefer just two or three options.
Step 3: Create a Company Wide Standard of Excellence
• Every aspect of your business should be driven by a focus on your customer
• What so my customers need and how can I best provide it?
• Have a written plan for ensuring excellence in customer service
• Create clearly defined company-wide service standards that are measurable
• As the owner or boss, you need to walk your talk consistently and lead your staff by example

Step 4: Keep In Touch After the Sale
• Offer opportunities for customer feedback
• A telephone call or a hand written letter sent in a timely fashion after a sale shows the customer that your business cares about their experience
• Ask open ended questions in order to give your customer opportunities to express perceptions, attitudes, both positive and negative about your business and its quality of service
• Follow-up and customer feedback will enable your business to emphasize those things that are most important and most critical to your customers.

Step 5: Deal effectively with the difficult customers

• All employees should be trained and experienced in handling difficult customers
• Listen first, then speak.
• Use the mirror technique reflect back to the customer what he or she is saying to you in a way that the customer knows that you are listening and feels that you care.
• Show empathy, looking directly at the customer while you are listening
• Be unwilling to stop until it is right.
• Difficult customers can be an asset for excellence because valuable information is likely to come out in the frustration of the moment that otherwise might be kept private

I hope this was helpful to you and that you will begin to implement these five steps into your own business starting today. If you would like more in depth help in just how to use these five steps I have created a FREE VIDEO SERIES shows you with real-life examples from different types of business owners how they implemented them into their own business and the amazing results they achieved and you can to starting today. Wouldn’t it be great to see your sales begin to grow week after week? Here is the link to your FREE VIDEO SERIES.

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