6 Simple Steps To Keep Your Customers Coming Back and Buying More!

18 Mar

Customers have come to expect good products and service. What blows them away is when companies go beyond the line of duty, giving customers more than they expect.  Unexpected gestures are what turn a run-of-the-mill experience into one we’ll remember. Your employees have an important role to play in wowing customers by going beyond the call of duty.  Small actions can not only transform an experience into a memorable one, but also change the perception of an organization in customers’ eyes. It can make the difference between a one-time transaction and a continuous business relationship. Moreover, it can turn customers into advocates and promoters.

Step 1: Turn Every Transaction Into A Wonderful Experience
• Express genuine interest
• Offer sincere and specific compliments
• Share unique knowledge
• Convey authentic enthusiasm
• Use appropriate humor
• Provide pleasant surprises
• Deliver service heroics when needed

Step 2: Follow-up With Thank-You’s and New Product/Service Intro’s
• Personalize it.
• Thank them
• Help them relive the experience
• Ask for feedback
• Invite them back
• Promote social sharing

Step 3: Host A Special Event For Your Best Customers
• Build Brand Awareness
• Generate New Customers
• Build Long Term Relationships With Current Customers
• Introduce Your New Products and Services
• Do Something Unexpected or Innovative

Step 4: Create Personal Relationship With Your Customers
• Communication is a contact sport, so do it early and often
• Reward loyal customers
• Go the extra mile
• Treat every client as your most important one
• Respond promptly

Step 5: Create Ways To Anticipate Your Customers Needs
• Get to know the customers
• Ask the right questions
• Customers appreciate alerts to products and services that can make their lives easier
• Anticipate potential problems and offer solutions beforehand
• Customer needs should be the driving focus of your company

Step 6: Offer Free Samples That Are Relevant To Your Customers Current Needs
• Spreads the word about your products and services
• Shows your generosity and helps to create brand loyalty
• Let’s your customers fall in love with what you have to offer
• Great opportunity to get customer feedback and make sure you are offering what they are looking for
• Reward your customers to spend a little more by offering free samples when they spend above a certain threshold

Being a successful business owner comes down to just a few things and doing them incredibly well. One of which, is continually building your repeat customer base. This is the Holy Grail when it comes to owning your own business and generating the kind of income that will keep you in business over the long term, as well as take care of you and your family.
If you would like more help understanding just how to implement these six steps into your own business, I have created a FREE video series that walks you through step-by-step and then gives you real-life examples of business owners just like you who have successfully done it so you can see how they would work in your own company. Here is the link:


I love reading your comments and I do my best to answer as many questions as I can so please feel free to leave yours in the comment section below!

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