Reclaim Your Freedom and Your Sanity, and Save Money Doing It!

5 Nov

Working Vacation


“Working at the home office” has a whole new meeting these days as more and more entrepreneurs, solopreneur’s, and even corporate types spend more and more time tele-commuting from home. According to Global Workplace Analytics, a San Diego-based research firm, that includes over 6 million of us.
So what is the reason behind this growing move from “Corporate Headquarters” to the “Home Office”?
1. Workers want and need greater flexibility, especially parents of young children.
2. Employers can save on average $11,000 annually for each employee who works remotely just half time.
3. It is good for the environment. Switching commuters to telecommuters helps to reduce traffic congestion and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

While working from home is a growing trend, there are a few things you need to know to do it successfully. Here are eight tips to get you started.

Set A Schedule  Set a Schedule
Setting a schedule helps you to get into a productive work mode and stay on task throughout the day.



DreWorking from home 2ss For Work
When you work from home, there is no dress code, but that shouldn’t mean you should stay in your PJ’s all day. Taking a morning shower and dressing helps you separate work time from personal time and keep a positive mental outlook. If you have a video conference or in-person meeting it is important that you look as successful as you want your career to be!

Make An Office Work Space
A laptop does not an office make! You need a dedicated space in your home that you can call your own when it comes to work and it doesn’t need to be much. When I first started out I worked from one end table in my living room and grew my company into what it is today! But, you do need someplace to start.



fast-internet-connection-660x369Communication Essentials
If you’re working from home, it’s essential to have a reliable phone and a fast Internet connection because they are your connections to the outside world as well as to your company. I also recommend a dedicated phone number just for your business. It adds a layer of security for your home and family as well as being more convenient and professional.

Get Out Of The House young woman working outside on computer and drinking coffee
Every time I visit my favorite local coffee shop I see an army of telecommuters conducting business meetings. For some, working at a local coffee shop or a library is simply a nice change of pace from being cooped up at home. If you need a break, take one. If the sun is shining, work on the back patio.

Mid day choresAvoid Mid-day Chores
One upside to telecommuting is the ability to do midday chores like cooking or cleaning. But while it’s tempting to use work time to get ahead on the household tasks, you need to reserve that for after-work hours.


Do you have tips of your own? I would love to hear what you do to be more productive and more successful working from home. Have a question? Post it below. I read every comment and answer as many as I can.


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