How You Can Grow Your Business Using Social Media and Email Without Getting a Migraine! (Part Two)

29 Oct


Just how important a role does email marketing play in the success of your business? 

The most valuable assets your business has is your email list. Email marketing definitely gives most entrepreneurs a little unease because we know that every blog post or email we publish or send will be sent out to more people than you will ever probably meet in your entire lifetime.

The more your business grows, the more important it is to make sure that you’re editing correctly and that what you are writing not only makes sense, but is of value to those who are going to read it.

Sending Direct Email.jpgSending direct emails to your list can generate greater results in the form of revenue than just posting blog articles.  However, both play a key role in growing and sustaining your business.  Are you just sending out marketing emails when your offer a new promotion? If your frequency has been once or twice a month, I encourage you to up that to once a week and make sure your content is valuable.  In other words, that it provides information that provides a solution to one of your customer’s or client’s current needs, not just when you want to sell them something.

Sharing Information.jpgWhen your customer’s find information they think is awesome chances are they will want to share it with other like-minded people within their network.  This is a very effective way to build your brand awareness and your customer base.  However, be careful not to send too many emails or you will find yourself being unsubscribed from annoyed potential customers and that directly affects your bottom-line. When people sign up for access to a free video series on how to successful solve a business problem or tips on growing their business, they also receive an email from me usually on Wednesday with a link to my current weekly blog post covering answering that week’s most frequently asked question. Not only does the email and blog provide information that my customers can implement immediately to make their business more successful, but it also lets them know that I am listening to what is bothering them the most at the moment and responding accordingly.  It lets them know in a concrete way I think they are important.

I definitely want to encourage you utilize email marketing more. It’s something you should always be trying to do better and utilize it more effectively, be in better communication with your readers, customer, and increase your profits.

Woman on Computer 1.jpg









Tips for small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to get started with email marketing and social media.

  • I would encourage people to set up a plan and framework for your integrated marketing. Sit down and write down your vision of who your target audience is. Focus on “How am I going to build my list?”
  • You want to build your list through excellent content first, and then social media channels and then drive them to your email list. Offer them great value in your content and extend an invitation for them to sign up on your list to get even more.
  • Analyze social media networks and consider how effective they are for the niche you’re working in.
  • Focus on two, three or four social media networks and leave it alone after that. Don’t spread yourself too thin publishing to every social media network around.  Use the ones that are good for your type of business and where your audience spends most of their time.
  • The bigger your list, the more lucrative it is. It’s really beneficial and it’s the most valuable part we’re able to hold on to. With social media networks, you don’t really own that content. With email, you do.
  • I think people setting up new businesses should definitely focus on that. Start capturing emails, give your people the option to subscribe.


As always, if you have any questions about your own email marketing or building your list please post them below.  I read everyone and will answer your questions just as quickly as I can.  You can also join my own email list and get full access to my video series ” How to Get More Customers and Build Your Business”  Just follow this link:


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