Feeling Overwhelmed By Social Media? Here’s How To Take Back Control And Still Be Effective!

22 Oct



Trying to keep up with social media can be an overwhelming endeavor and it’s easy for a small business owner to feel spread too thin. So how do you determine which social network is the right choice for your business and how do you integrate it with your email marketing efforts to grow your list and optimize conversions?

I was asked to share my own strategy for creating a powerful social media presence with actionable tips for entrepreneurs just like you and how I use Social Media in conjunction with AWeber to grow my own customer base.

I started writing articles about the key steps to starting and growing your own business.  As my audience grew I started capturing email addresses with AWeber by offering other free services such as key interest video series and my site started to grow and grow.

 At what point do you integrate social media with email?Social Media and Email.jpg

 As soon as I started my website and blog, I set up an AWeber email subscription box in the sidebar, created a subscription page, a Facebook page and Twitter account.  At first I did not set up a Pinterest page because it was better suited for a product or service that is more visual.  However, as my audience of business owners grew and the bulk of them were women entrepreneurs, creating a Pinterest page seemed like a good move since the bulk of Pinterest users are also women.

customers base.jpgNow this is where it get interesting.  I received very little response from my Pinterest page and the reason why is going to be key in your own email and social media strategy.  Ready?  My audience wasn’t on Pinterest, they were on LinkedIn.  Most women that are serious about owning and growing their own business are also going to be serious about their social media and that is where getting to Know Your Customer Base is so important.

  My customer base was not all women, it was women entrepreneurs who were well educated, usually mothers of school aged children, many had left corporate America in search of something more fulfilling, and the majority where in the age range of 30 – 55 years of age. These women were educated, accomplished, ambitious, and of a serious mind which made LinkedIn their social media of choice…..and mine.  By the way, I also use Facebook and Google+.

When is the best time and day to post social media?best-time-to-tweet.png

So the next question usually is about Content and Posting. Most small business owners do not have virtual assistants to manage their social media for them and if you are like me you are a do-it-yourself-er anyway, which makes it is easy to get overwhelmed.  So here are a few of my own trade secrets when it comes to social media for my business.

I have found that the key times for my audience is early in the morning and later in the afternoon.  I have split up my time this way to be the most effective and offer the most value and benefit to my audience.

  1. I set my posts to go live at 6:00 am (EST) and I answer comments and questions each day in the late afternoon.
  2. I post a brief description of this week’s blog post with a direct link to my blog page on Wednesday mornings when most social outlets are the most active.
  3. I use the Facebook schedule feature on my Fan Page to post info-graphics and photo’s the rest of the week that also include my website address.
  4. I enjoy the interaction with my fans in the afternoon and for me it is easy to get carried away and spend way too time, so I developed a little trick that works well for me.  When I sit down at my computer in the afternoon I set a timer for one hour.  That one hour is for all my social media outlets.  When the hour is done so am I and I move on to the things that will generate income to my business and value to my customer base.

growing_social_media.jpgWhat is the most effective method for growing your following?

As my traffic and email list grows, my social media lists continue to grow organically and consistently. You can experiment paying for posts or page boots, but I really haven’t heard that it is beneficial in generating real results. My goal is to invite my fans to my email list through AWeber on my website so I can keep in touch with them directly.

How do you keep your social media followers engaged?Contests and Sweepstakes 1.JPG Do you host any social media-centric giveaways or contests to get users more engaged and grow your following?

You can do about one giveaway a month, and always make sure it’s lucrative – at least $250, up to $500. I like Rafflecopter, which has entrants follow my social media channels as one of the entries (Check out AWeber + Rafflecopter integration). Sharing one of my blog posts could amount to five entries.  You could definitely use this to grow your own social media networks and email lists.  In your giveaway blog or social media post, you can put an AWeber subscription box under the contest entry, so you can give people two entries if they submit their name and email.


Do you use analytic  tools to measure social media driven traffic and sales to your website?

I use Google Analytics to track where traffic comes from so I can see when it’s coming from certain sites. My number one source of traffic is from Google search, LinkedIn is second, and Facebook is a very close third.


Next week we are going to take this even deeper and I will walk you through My Best Secrets To How Your Small Biz Can Grow Your Email List! Until then please share your own experiences or insights that have gotten you your best results.  Have a question?  Feel free to post it below and I will answer it just as quickly as I can.



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