How To Successfully Sell Your Products and Services!

1 Oct

Relax It's Only October

Converting visits to sales comes down to just a few things and if you make a point of doing them consistently at your personal highest level of excellence you will see the results in a higher close rate and stronger bottom line. So what are they?
Bakery Owners  First, make sure that what you are offering what your customers are actually looking for. In other words, are you selling what YOU like or are you selling what your customers want? If you are offering what your customers are actually looking for, converting those visits to sales is already in progress by the time they hit your website or your retail location if you are a brick and mortar. If you are not sure, the best way to find out is to ask them. It sounds simple enough, but you would be so surprised to find out how many retailers, online or otherwise, offer little or no way for their customer base to communicate with them. You need to take that a step further and YOU ask your customer base for their feedback, their wants and needs. If you are meeting your customers’ most urgent need with your personal highest level of excellence, customer service, and value that you can and continually looking for ways to do it even better, you are on the path to success.

Business Partners 1The second thing to pay very close attention to is your customer service. For an online business this can be your Achilles Heel because you are limited in how much you can directly interact with you customers. So this is where you have to get creative and find ways that are particular to your specific business to emotionally convey to your customers just how much you value them. The more you emphasize personalized customer service in your daily business practices the more successful you will become. Continually look for any opportunity to add a special touch or service throughout every stage of each business transaction.

Selling to Customers 1And finely, you need to know how to sell. If you don’t have the basic understanding of how to sell your products or services you won’t be in business for very long. Your “Marketing Message” should identify a FEATURE of your product or service and the ADVANTAGE and BENEFIT of owning and using your product or service. Let me explain it this way. State a selling feature of your product or service. Next state an advantage of that feature such as more power, ease of use, better function, etc. Now state the personal benefit your customer will enjoy when they own your product or service. You have just created your marketing message and your sales tool that will help your generate more profit and we all like that. Here is a little tip. A Feature is a type or quantity of something. It is also a logical or intellectual statement. So you want to see feature specifications spelled out clearly in black and white. Advantages and Benefits are a quality or condition of something, have an emotional value, and are best conveyed by the use of something visual such as a photo or physical display. Each product or service type should have its own “Marketing Message” as well as one over-all Marketing Message for your company.

Need More Help

If you feel like you need more help I have several tools for you to help you out. I have created the Small Business Toolkit that walks you through each of the three keys to success that we have talked about today and helps you put each one into action right away. For more in-depth information The Princeton Principle will give you a more comprehensive understanding of just what you need to reach your business goals and how to implement what you have learned. I also have a free video series that walks you through step-by-step exactly what how to get more customers, generate more sales, and successfully grow your business. For more personalized help, I offer one-on-one personal coaching, as you need it. I hope this has given you a bit of guidance. Please keep your questions and comments coming. Until next time, Enjoy!



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