Get Your Customers to Say “I Want That!” in 4 Easy Steps

15 Jul

I want that!

We all get tons of offers every day, whether it is in person, over email, phone, or social media and if you are like me, you probably do not act on every offer you get. Sometimes it is because you do not want to spend the money. Perhaps you do not have the time or you would not want an item even if they paid you to take it.
The offer is the centerpiece of every campaign, but it is sometimes hard to keep your own experiences as a consumer in mind when you are trying to create an offer for your business or organization. So how do you create must-have offers for your audience? Just follow these four easy steps:
1. Who Is Your customer.  Who is your customer
This is as simple as understanding who you are talking to you. What would they want or need? What types of things have motivated them to act in the past? What are their frustrations and what problems are they trying to solve? What life experiences have they been through? What are they feeling or needing? How do they talk about their hopes, dreams, and aspirations? I can’t stress enough how important it is to try and connect with ideal client emotionally.
what-do-customers-want-and-how-they-want-it-300x1952. Finding what is unbelievably attractive to your ideal client.

In the simplest sense, an offer is valuable if it addresses the desire, wants, problems, needs, and interests of your target audience. What is the problem that they are trying to solve and what is getting in their way? Is it a tool they need? Is it a skill they need? What is it that is getting in the way of them being able to solve their problem? That takes some market research, so start asking people how they like to consume information, whether they like to work in person or in groups, if they like to travel for retreats, etc.

Once you get that information, your offers will practically create themselves. Show your customer how your product or service can easily solve their problem that they have not been able to do for themselves. What is it about your business, product, or service that your ideal client cannot get anywhere else? What do you do better than everyone else in your industry does, hands down? Take your ideal client and your product or service and connect the two with an offer.
3. Ask yourself “Would I want this?”Happy Customer 1
Imagine you are the customer. What types of offers compel you to respond? What are the deal makers (easy to say yes to) and what are the deal breakers (easy to say no to)?  Would you take advantage of this offer? The answer should be “Yes, Definitely!” If that is not your answer, repeat steps 2 and 3. Once the offer is something you would go for, wrap it up with a clear call to action that shows your audience how they can get it.
The best offers are the ones that continually help your ideal customer overcome whatever obstacles they might currently be facing while experiencing your product, service, and offer. Keep these tips in mind and your offer will lead you to success.
compelling-call-to-action4. Create a Clear and 
What is a call to action? Simply put, a call to action is telling a reader, visitor, or potential customer exactly what you want them to do next.

Be concise.
Ask your visitor very succinctly to do that very thing (“Click here,” “Buy now,” “Enter your address,” “Leave a comment,” etc.). Do not beat around the bush. Do not couch it in flowery or wordy language so they get derailed. Be straightforward.
Tell them how.
Do not just tell them that they should do something; tell them how to do it, especially if it is not immediately apparent. The link you want them to click, the form you want them to fill out, or the button you want them to follow should be very clear.
Eliminate competing calls to action.
Do not let your main call to action get lost among 10, 15 or 25 others. For example, if you are selling an eBook or another product, consider making your eBook sales page a single column page. Not having a sidebar means fewer distractions that might take them away from a purchase. You want them to follow the link to buy your eBook. You do not want their eyes to wander to the sidebar and follow the ad to someone’s site…and never buy your book!
Drop a comment below and share your offers!


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