Building Your Own Iconic Brand Without A Big Brand Budget!

27 May

BrandingOne of the biggest frustrations entrepreneurs have once they start their business is successfully building their brand.  You have spent a lot of time, effort, money, in some cases risking everything to start a business of your own.  Perhaps it was to fulfill a life long dream.  For others, you were in a place where you felt starting your own business was your best option for your particular situation.  Whatever your motivation that impelled you to start your own business, the desired result is the same for all of us.  Success!  The question remains, how do you do that?  How do you get your business, your products and services noticed?  How do you build an instantly recognizable brand?

There are several key factors to successfully building your brand and today I want to let you in on one of the most powerful techniques that you can begin to implement just as soon as you finish reading this article.  If you use this consistently, this one technique could be the tipping point in your company’s success or failure, and we all want you to be successful.  After all, that is why you are here, right?

Okay, here is the secret.  Create a positive emotional response for your customer every time they encounter your brand, product, or service.  By doing this one thing and doing it consistently you will quickly create raging fans and brand loyalty.  By intentionally generating a positive emotional response in your customer, you make them feel good about you, and we all want more of what makes us feel good emotionally.  Let me give you an example of what I mean.

Anyone who knows me knows I am a Seahawks fan.  Even though they made it to the Super Bowl this year, the one thing that I was looking forward to even as much as their win, was the commercials.  I do not drink beer, but I never miss a Budweiser Super Bowl commercial.  For me it is not a Super Bowl without that Budweiser “Awwwh” moment and that is probably why I never miss a game and have become a football fan.  Who can forget that iconic moment last year when the Clydesdale horse spots the rancher who raised him in the crowd while being loaded into a trailer after a parade? This massive animal breaks free and runs down the streets of Chicago towards the rancher he remembers and misses so much.  Oh come on… admit it.  You choked up.   It is the same thing during the Christmas holiday’s with Coke-a-Cola.  I look forward to that happy Christmas-time emotional trigger of seeing the Coke-a-Cola Santa and the Polar bears   

So how can you as a small business owner get similar results for your business without a multi-million dollar advertising budget?  The key is not in size of your budget.  The key to successfully building your brand is in triggering a positive emotional response in your customer and you do not necessarily have to spend money to do it.  I have a free video series available on my website (  that walks you through some very specific steps that have proven highly effective for many small business owners time and again, and cost little to no money.  If you are looking for more in depth guidance to building your brand using the powerful technique of triggering an emotional response with your customer, I encourage you to click on the link above now.

Creating that positive emotional trigger can be something as simple as offering your obviously stressed-out customer a simple solution to reduce their worries.  You as a small business owner have a huge advantage over the big box stores and brands because you can create personal relationships with your customers, and therefore, have an inside track on what their emotional needs might be if you are paying attention.  By listening for your customer’s emotional needs and creating a positive emotional trigger for them in response, will generate vastly greater and more sustainable results than a multi-million dollar advertising budget.  Just ask Starbucks.

I would love to hear what you are doing to build your own brand and if you have questions please feel free to let me know by posting in the comment section below.  Until next time….


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