Small Business Academy

2 Aug


Olympic ring-shaped bicycle[2]

As the world gathers in London for the 2012 summer Olympics, I am inspired by what these dedicated women and men are about to achieve. Records will be broken and medals won. A select outstanding few will bring home the gold.

Olympians like successful entrepreneurs, have within them a drive, ambition, and dedication to realizing their goals that goes well beyond what the rest of us my completely grasp. These rare individuals are to be held up as role models and to inspire us to strive to reach well beyond average. Olympic athletes like entrepreneurs share similar qualities that are important for success.

Entrepreneurs often make personal sacrifices and take risks in the realization of their dreams. The average small business owner will typically work 10 or more hours a day and often do not take days off. They will willingly sacrifice the normal everyday luxuries of fun, socializing with friends, vacations, in their quest for their extraordinary achievements and the success of their vision.

Entrepreneurs that have been offered the security of a regular paycheck working for someone else have walked away without a backwards glance in pursuit of owning their own business. Small business owners often have saved for years in order to open their own business, usually pay themselves little salary, especially in the beginning, and often reinvest the profits back into their company. It may take some time for a startup company to break-even and even longer to regularly see a significant profit. Just like the Olympic athletes, many small business owners fail without ever reaching their goals of success, while others are rewarded for their efforts with the realization of their dreams and financial security.

Entrepreneurs like Olympic athletes must learn to quickly seize upon opportunities, gain a competitive advantage, and be first to market in their field with a product or service that meets an urgent need of a large number of people in their target market. They need to be flexible. Things will not always work out the way we originally envision. We as small business owners cannot become so ingrained in our own plans that we become inflexible to handle obstacles or the unexpected circumstance that may arise.

Entrepreneurs like Olympic athletes are inherently optimistic people. If we weren’t optimists we would all most likely still be sitting behind a desk somewhere working for someone else. Olympic champions and small business owners dedicate their lives to making their dreams come true. Their sacrifices and success inspire others. Their will to win, combined with the opportunities that they avail themselves of, bring them to heights they otherwise might not reach. Let us applaud their efforts, sympathize with their failures, and celebrate their success.


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