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24 May




This weeks question comes from Pro CueCare on my Facebook page.

Q: Alexzandra, please message me so that I can understand better, how we two, working together, can get the best results from my Facebook presence. Thank you.

Facebook is great as far as building relationships, but you will need more than that. I post a blog once a week that is connected to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and my email list. The key value with Facebook is to give your customer base a place to post comments and give you feedback (very important!) about your products and services and to create a sense of community. It is that sense of belonging to something special or what I call “The Cool Factor” that has made Facebook the success that it is today. You can use that same business model to build your business, your brand identity, and your customer base.

However, social media is like a little child, it needs constant attention and you have to give as much as you receive, perhaps even more. So now that you have your business page there are a few rules to success. First, keep it professional. No personal posts or photos of the kids, no matter how cute they are. Post and share content that will be of value to your CUSTOMERS. This is the place for you to be generous. Encourage your customers to post any comments they would like. Then you have to be ready to take the bad with the good. Look at bad comments as a gift. They let you know if you have gotten off track without having to spend thousands on a marketing team. When you do get a negative remark be quick to acknowledge it and ask your customer for another opportunity to change their experience with you, your product, or service. Always be gracious. You can ask to use positive remarks as testimonials on your website.

I hope this has given you a little help and a good starting place to get the most out of social media and in particular your Facebook business page. I also wanted to let you know that I am launching a new program to help your business rank higher on Facebook and Google! Here is what you do: Click on the Facebook link below from your PERSONAL page then LIKE and send me a message with your link to your BUSINESS page and a second link to your business website. When you like my page and post a link to my website on yours I will do the same for you. This creates a BACKLINK and the more of these you have the higher you will rank on Google’s search page. This is a great no-cost way to boost your business exposure and revenue!



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