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11 Apr


Russian Business Owner

This weeks question comes all the way from Moscow, Russia from Ilya S. and Maxim K.

Q: What can be done to make business and entrepreneurial education much more accessible for young people in modern Russia, so that more students would be willing to start their own businesses? Which initiatives should government undertake, what business community can do, which startups can we launch to share business knowledge among young school and university students, to improve overall business culture, spread entrepreneurial spirit and induce burst of small businesses in Russia and particularly Moscow?

This is a wonderful question and it is one that I have been working hard to resolve. Here in the United States we have the very same issue and I think I may have a solution for you right now. First let me address the varied parts of your question. As we have experienced here in the United States recently the less involved the government is the more opportunities are available to the general public.

The most important role the business community can play is in what I refer to as business promotional partnerships. I have a free video series that will walk you through each step and the great thing is that this will work for any type or size of business!

Now as far as Moscow and inspiring entrepreneurial growth, you are right, you do need an educational process and some sort of tools to help guide new business owners onto the path of success. Our global economy needs them to be successful if we are going to turn the economy around and I have something I would like to offer you.

I have created curriculum for an online Small Business Academy that will be opening again in just a few weeks. However given your situation I would like to offer to you the opportunity to get the curriculum in advance for your students. It is very easy to use and starts from what it takes to become an entrepreneur, how to structure your business, how and when to hire employees, building a successful marketing campaign, what types of marketing work best and which ones just cost money, the most effective ways to build your customer base, how to compete with online stores, and how to build a path of success and continue to grow your business, and what are the key factors that cause people to choose to by your products and services.

Below is the link to the curriculum and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly. I am happy to offer any help I can.

Alexzandra D.


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