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17 Nov


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Q: What would be a good way to promote a local business?

Whether you are promoting a product or service the principles for successful marketing are the same and if you apply them effectively and consistently the results can be significant. I am going to give you a brief outline of the most effective ones that you can apply right now and that should give you the quickest results. So here we go:

The first step in creating a marketing message is to identify your target or niche market. Identifying a potentially successful market niche begins with determining the emotional motivation of your customers or clients. Ask the following questions to clarify your niche market ideas and identify the ones that will be worth you time and effort to pursue and test. This simple test can save a tremendous amount of time and money. Here is how to get started. Ask yourself the four questions below when considering a niche market. If you get four yes’s then you have a good niche marketing idea and you should test it. If you don’t get all four yes’s then you need to fine tune your idea until you do. Use this test each time you are considering launching a new product or service and you will dramatically increase your chances of success.

Question one:

Is my customer or client experiencing an urgent need, worry, pain, or strong desire?

Question two:

Is my customer or client current searching for solutions to their most urgent need or problem?

Question three:

Does my customer or client have few if any recognized options or solutions to their current problem or urgent need?

Question four:

Is there a large group of people (1 in 500) who are currently looking for a solution right now?

Once you have answered yes to each of the above questions you have identified your potential target niche market that has the potential for being the most successful for you. The nest step is to identify each of the emotional needs and drives of your potential customer and client, determine an urgent unmet need, and then uncover where your customer or clients are searching for solutions to their needs and challenges so that you can position your company in front of them and offer your products, services, and expertise in a way that solves their unmet emotional urgency and resolves their problems and challenges.

Question one:

In what area does my customer or client have an emotional or even irrational need that is driven by either a strong desire or fear?

Question two:

What is the unmet need or problem that I can solve with my products, services, or expertise?

Question three:

How can I offer my products and services that will resolve my customers or clients unmet needs?

Question four:

Where are my customers or clients searching for solutions that I could also find?

Most people who go into business especially for the first time, often make the mistake of trying to sell themselves instead of their products or services. This approach will nearly always lead to feelings of being self-conscious, fearful of rejection and a sometimes nearly debilitating fear of failure that will actually keep them from succeeding. So instead of focusing on yourself, let me show you how to take inventory of your products, services, and expertise that you can use to help people with. This is going to be in three steps. The first step is to make a list of the as many current and urgent problems and challenges your customers or clients are current facing that you can help them solve. Next, Make a second list of how you can help your customers or clients within the framework of one of the three most lucrative and successful niches, Health, Wealth, and Relationship Happiness. In the final step you need to identify how you can use your product, service, or expertise to resolve your customers or clients most urgent problems quickly. So let’s begin.

Question one:

What persistent problem are a large group of people (1 in every 500) having that your product, service, or expertise could solve?

Question two:

How have you helped other customers or clients solve their problems in one of the three most successful niches, Health, Wealth, and Relationship Happiness?

Question three:

What is the best way for your customer or client who is currently struggling with an urgent need to resolve their problem quickly using your products or services?

The average potential customer or client does not want to spend a lot of time trying to digest a lot of trivial information to get to your core message and possible solution to their most urgent need or problem. They want your product, message, or service packaged and presented in simple, easy to understand, actionable steps that consistently and predictably deliver results with as little muss and fuss as possible. Use this template develop and organize your marketing message that you can present to your customers and clients that quickly and clearly communicates that your products, services, and expertise will deliver the solutions and results they are looking for.

Step one:

Identify what is your solution to your customers or clients most urgent need or problem.

Step two:

What are the three action steps that your customer or client will need to take to resolve their need or problem?

Step three:

Name the title of your marketing message. An example would be “3 Steps to Financial Freedom”.

Now you need to help you customer understand the value of your product or service. The best way to do this is by the use of a framework that connects your product or service to what your customer values. In this template you are going to translate the value of your product or service into three “currencies”, Money, Time, and Effort. By translating your product or service into three different “currencies” you will develop tremendous insight into how to explain the value of your product or service to your customer or clients so they will be eager to pay you for it.

Step one:

Identify the name of your product or service.

Step two:

Translate the value of your product or service into each of the “currencies” Time, Money, and Effort.

Step three:

Explain to your potential customer or client the value of your product or service. An example would be “Let me explain how this will help you do…..”

Each of us has one of four learning filters based on our personality type. You need to address what is most important to each personality type when you are creating your marketing message. Each personality type will ask one of for question and you need to address them in the order give here from the shortest attention span to the longest. When you complete these questions you will have your marketing message.

Question one:

Why should you customer or client buy your product or service and will it benefit them personally (Sales personality – outgoing, persuasive, motivational)?

Question two:

What is the purpose of your product or service and what will it accomplish (Intellectual personality – scholastic, business professional, conservative, practical)?

Question three:

What is the process of your product or service and how does it work (Technical personality – curious, detail minded)?

Question four:

What other things can it be used for (Marketing personality – Creative, innovative)?

Tips for creating a sales message:

  1. Identify your company as the source for you niche.
  2. Help your customer make a connection to you as the solution to their problem. “I have been where you are and I am the one who can solve your problem.
  3. People are motivated by three things; Fear, Power, and Freedom.

To take the first step in creating your marketing message do the following exercise:

Using three file cards write Fear on the first card, Power on the second card, and Freedom on the top of the last card. Now on each card list five aspects of your product that relate to each of these motivating words. Once you have completed this step make a note of how it relates to your personal story.

The second phase of creating your marketing message is to answer each of the following questions about your product.

  1. Why should your customer buy your product or service and how will it benefit them personally?
  2. What is the purpose of your product or service and in concise terms what will it accomplish for your customer.
  3. How does your product or service work? How does it do what it does?
  4. Finally, what other things can it do or can it be used for?

Now take the results of these two exercises and combine them to create your marketing message for your product. You now have the basis for your first marketing campaign and concise marketing definition of your business, products, and services. One last thing. The most effective marketing tools are often free and for a local brick-n-mortar business nothing is more effective than your local press for building your identity and brand awareness. Use the marketing message you have just created to tie into local events or stories that are currently of interest by your local press.

I hope this has given you a little guidance. If you need more in depth help please feel free to contact me on my website ( I would also strongly suggest that you checkout all the free business success videos on my website and download your copy of The Princeton Principle. You will find a lot more detailed information than what I can provide to you here. For more free business success tips, tools, and support go to Good luck!


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