Small Business Academy

25 Jul

Q: Why should a small business choose Facebook over LinkedIn or Twitter?


The Truth? You should never choose between Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, because you need them all. I have mine liked together so one posted on my Facebook page is automatically posted on the others. If you are a small business owner these days you need to be active on a daily bases and on as many sights as is reasonable for you. I also recommend that you also add a picture to your post to draw more interest and attention. On Facebook keep your “Profile” page for personal use and I would recommend that you limit who has access to it incase you post something off-the-cuff that could be potentially damaging to your brand if misunderstood by someone from the outside. You will want to also have a business “Fan” page. Keep this all business, no cutesy stuff unless you showcasing a fun event at your place of business or something business related. LinkedIn is a great place to get to know others in your field and to form business alliances and relationships. One last tidbit, the best time to make your posts is just before 11:00 am. Social media activity peeks between 11:00 and 1:00 Monday through Friday with the busiest day being Wednesday. So if you are going to have a weekend special let everyone know about by the Wednesday before during lunch. For more free business success tips, tools, and support go to Good luck!


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