Small Business Academy

22 Jul

Q: How can 70-year-old people generate money income now?


This is a great question!  First you need to be clear that your age is an advantage!  You have so much knowledge and experience to draw from.  I am going to suggest one of my own books for you to read. It’s called The Princeton Principle and it will guide you step by step through your journey. For our purposes today I will give you some quick bullet points to get you started. You will need to start by asking yourself a few questions.

1. What experience, knowledge, and resources so I have to draw from?

2. What do I enjoy doing the most right now?

3. What do I see as the greatest need in my community?

4. Do I have the experience, knowledge, and resources to meet that need?

5. Would I enjoy meeting that need?

Once you have answered those questions and read The Princeton Principle you will be ready to start. Just one more thing, business success is always built on two basic principles.

1. You must be able to meet the greatest need of the most people you can.

2. Conduct every aspect of your business for the purpose of causing increase, benefit, and success of your customer or client.

Now for some very practical thoughts. I would suggest perhaps teaching what you know by offering consulting services, creating a monetized blog online that offers tips and information in your area of expertise. If you are more of a hands-on person you could offer your goods locally to other retailers or at your local farmers market. For more free business success tips, tools, and support go to Good luck!


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