Creating Market Share

5 Mar


The latest unemployment numbers state that approximately 10% of Americans that want a job don’t have one.  That also means 90% do!  There are still people out there who need and want you, your product, or service.

Creating the public awareness of the need for your product or service may take a little creativity on your part.  The first step is to change your perspective and your approach, which will in turn change how your product or service is perceived by the general public.  Many years ago I heard a story that illustrates this point perfectly.


In a rural area outside a large city, a farmer and his wife had three puppies that were ready to go to new homes.  So this very smart woman rang up the paper with the largest readership in the big city and placed a for sale ad.  “Three adorable puppies for sale by appointment only.” 

As people called to make their appointments the very smart farmers’ wife scheduled all the appointments for the same day at the same time.  As the line of cars of city folk began to arrive they formed a line out the drive and down the street.  Then at the appointed time she let in only one person at a time to look at the puppies.  The people in the line began to wonder if there would be any puppies left by the time it was their turn.  As the demand for the puppies became greater than the supply every puppy became very desirable.  In less than an hour all the puppies had new loving homes.  The people arrived thinking that they would be able to select the pick of the litter.  Their perspective changed as other potential buyers also arrived and the demand for the limited number of puppies increased.  Now each of the puppies became the pick of the litter.


Tomorrow we will take on the current real estate market and I will share two success stories of how to create market share using these same principles.  Below is a link to my website where you can send me a message with your own questions.  Please feel free to post your comments here.  I look forward to reading them.


Alexzandra D.










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